The time is the 1950s, the place is Berlin
Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary
The 9539th does to the Secret Cold War
what the 4077th did to the Korean War
by T.H.E. Hill
a Field Station Berlin AuthorTeufelsberg
2008 Hollywood Book Festival Award Winner    "Voices Under Berlin
contains many literate qualities that make it a work of special consideration, worthy of an audience much broader than that of espionage enthusiasts or those interested in Cold War history. In fact, one indication of the book’s quality is that it was among the award winners at the July 2008 Hollywood Book Festival, a very rare honor for a spy novel." Dr. Wesley Britton writing on

How do you know if
Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary -- Cover
is for you?

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then this novel is for you.

See what a SIGINTer currently on active duty has to say about Voices Under Berlin:

• From a thread on the Discussion Boards:

I've recently read two novels about the ASA experience. The first was James Crumley's One to Count Cadence about the early exploits of the ASA in Nam. The second was Voices Under Berlin by THE Hill (an obvious pseudonym). … I thought it was hilarious how some of the SIGINT/linguist jokes and eccentricities have virtually remained unchanged in sixty years, be it linguist vs analyst clashes, cluelss LTs, oversensetive OPSEC folks who throw out the "need to know" card at every single turn, reclassed soldiers deriding "overeducated" DLIers for not being "real soldiers," etc. I can assure you the same situations are being played out in Iraq and Afghanistan as I type this. :-)

I encourage anyone currently in SIGINT to read up on this stuff. It will make you smile a bit knowing that people have been going through the same crap you did as a SIGINTer for the past 60 years!

Posted by: 98GCM, Thu 05 February 2009 05:29 PM

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